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With a love for candles that dates back decades, sisters, and Bay Area natives Robin Nelson & Heidi Cook started KOkORO Candles in 2005 with a desire to ease the body and soul. Made in California, Heidi and Robin have created award winning soy wax candles that continue to delight customers coast to coast.


Environmentally friendly, every 100% vegetable wax candle, is poured and wrapped by hand. From the time the melting plot is plugged in and the wick is dropped into the specially selected glass, only our hands touch your products. Produced in small batches, on a regular basis, quality remains our goal.


With 11 fragrances, including five 100% essential oil selections, we offer a fragrance to please just about everyone.


In Japanese, the word Kokoro means "heart."


So, from our hearts to your home - warmth, peace and love.

- Heidi and Robin

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